Energy & Your Business

Controlling costs is essential if business competitiveness is to be improved. Energy costs are not fixed overheads, rather controllable production costs that can be reduced by having an energy audit carried out. Most businesses know they are not optimally managing their energy costs, but they are less sure what they can do about it.

Energy Administration Services Ltd. is an energy consultancy company, focusing on the provision of energy management and auditing, with a particular emphasis on reducing electricity costs. Using our skills and knowledge of the Irish energy market, we can optimise the use of energy in your business, producing energy cost savings and improved energy efficiency.

Squeezed by significant energy price increases in the last 3 years, different tariff structures and the complexities of new technologies along with the emergence of multiple suppliers in today’s energy market, Irish businesses have turned to Energy Administration Service to examine their energy costs more closely and to advise them on how they can reduce their costs to ensure they are paying the lowest fees possible.

We have offices in Cork and Dublin, and carry out energy audits throughout Ireland.

Cork: 021 4542952
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